5 Sections
1What you will eat, drink
2Before you start...best practices
3 Days 1-5
4 Day 6 and beyond
5 curated movies

   What you will eat, drink and learn during PureBox™


30 Minute Q&A with experts every Sunday

Learn more and get your questions answered!


5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern https://zoom.us/j/7151215225

Check @pureboxretreats on social media and our FaceBook Group


Prolon® Fasting Mimicking Diet Overview (2 min)

Review the Prolon® FMD Box Opening with Dr. James Kelley (7 min)


 Before you start: Best Practices & Downloads


Pre Retreat

How to Use Prolon ( 2.5 min)

Miracle Morning Overview ( 4.5 min)

Best Practices

Start drinking caffeine free tea and let go of coffee one week prior to PureBox

Join, Share & ask Questions PureBox Facebook Group and Twitter #purebox @pureboxretreats

Drink lots of water and sip on the L-Drink all day

Save 2 of your Kale Crackers on Days 3 & 5 to eat with your Minestrone Soup

Watch all of the videos and movies.

Additional Resources & Downloads

Fasting from L-Nutra & find how we are choosing the best type of fasting. See page 8 Graph

Download: Magic 10 Practice and 7 Min. Lumwell or 7 Min LifeHack

Fasting Research - Longo Labs


   PureBox Daily Dose Days 1-5


Every Day:

  1. Practice s.a.v.e.r.s.
  2. Record in PureBox™ Biomarkers Chart
  3. Connect with our FaceBook Group Twitter and Instagram
  4. Review PureBox Workbook



Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Make the PureBox™ Green Drink Recipe for transition day/ tomorrow!


Day 6 and Beyond

Day 6

  1. Watch Day 6 Video
  2. Practice s.a.v.e.r.s.
  3. Start Day 6 with the PureBox™ Green Drink!

Then follow with soups and light meals today, normal diet on Day 7


Until the next PureBox™:

  • Do the ProLon® FMD® every month for 3 months
  • Continue The Miracle Morning for 90 days
  • Do a Foundation Training video during your Exercise part of s.a.v.e.r.s
  • Remember to use your essential oils for cravings, stress and pain
  • Continue to connect and share your story @ PureBox Facebook Group
  • Find us on Social Media anytime @pureboxretreats
  • Purchase additional components of PureBox here.