Day 6

  1. Start Day 6 with hot/warm lemon water
  2. Then go for the Green Drink 
  3. Then follow with soups and light meals today, normal diet on Day 7


  • Green Drink
  •             Use organic frozen kale, spinach and blueberries  ( easier and less expensive)

    2 Cups frozen Kale

    2 Cups frozen Spinach

    1 Cup frozen Blueberries

    Put them all in the vitamix or blender with water almost to the top. Blend for a long time so that the drink is like water.

    Good for lunch or dinner 

  • Veggie Turmeric Quinoa
  •  Heat coconut oil, add diced onions and lightly saute for a few minutes

    Adding sea salt, curry and turmeric. Add other vegetables and saute 6-7 minutes or until they become softened but not overcooked. Add cooked quinoa and stir everything together

    Adjust flavor as you like!

    1 cup dry quinoa to 2 cups water ( in rice cooker or bag directions)

    2T coconut oil.  1 onion.  1 ½ t sea salt

    1 T curry. 1/2t turmeric

    1 red bell pepper

    2 Cups Broccoli or Cauliflower cut into little pieces