Educational kits and services in field of wellness, morning routines and fasting. 




Affirmations, Silence, Reading, Visualization, exercise & Writing

Prolon® Fasting Mimicking Diet Box

Outside / Field Trips
Bear Canyon Trail, Medicine Wheel, Buffalo Jump, Yellowstone National Park, Headwaters State Park, Labyrinth, The 'M',

Kitchen & Learning Sessions
Prolon FAQs,  Benefits & Types of Fasting, PureBox Green Drink, 5 Pillars & 7 Steps of the Longevity Diet

Movement & Wellness 
7-10 minute workouts & yoga. Foundation Training, Feet Up Training Chakra's,  Essential Oils, Bio-Marker Testing, Medicine Wheel

Movies & Entertainment
Fasting, The Game Changers, The Science of Fasting, Heal, Forks over Knives, Cancer Can be Killed

Kirtan, Gong, Yoga Nidra, Sound Vibrations


Films & Media